Shiloh Acres Horse Rescue

Available Horses

Katrina is a taller, elegantly-moving TB-type mare. She looks and is built very much like a TB, but we suspect she may be crossed with some other breed (possibly Standardbred?).

Katrina was rescued in December 2014 from a low-end slaughter auction. She was very thin and just 3 years old. We soon learned she was in foal and she gave birth a few months later. Over time Katrina regained her health and went into training assessment.

Katrina has been ridden under saddle at the walk, trot, and canter. She is green-started and ready to continue learning with an experienced rider/owner. She is smart, willing, and pretty soft but requires a confident leader. Katrina has lots of potential and will make a great partner for the right person!

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Young Prospects

Minis/Ponies & Companions

Mowgli  *ADOPTED*

Approx. 36" Miniature Gelding

Est. year of birth: 2009

Adoption Fee: $175


Approx. 14.0 hand Paint gelding

Est. year of birth: 2013

Adoption Fee: $950

Mowgli is a smaller, silver dapple miniature gelding that was rescued off a slaughter feedlot (along with his mother, Tilly) in horribly neglected condition. His hooves were severely overgrown and hadn't been trimmed in many years, if ever at all.

After months of rehab, his hooves are back to a mostly normal shape, and he is sound!

Mowgli is very outgoing and friendly and loves nothing more than to be loved on by people (he particularly enjoys kisses on his nose). He is easy to handle, even by smaller children.  Mowgli has tested positive for Cushings, so will need a home willing to give him his daily pill for management of the condition.

Images coming soon!

​Josie is an adorable, flashy little paint filly that was rescued from a low-end auction along with her older full sister, Hanna (who is also available for adoption).

Josie is in-your-pocket friendly, and has basic ground manners in place, including trailer loading and standing for the farrier. She requires a home experienced with properly bringing up a young horse. She is currently around 14.0 hands and will continue growing over the next few years.

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Approx. 13.3 hand Welsh pony-cross gelding

Year of birth: 2014

Adoption Fee: $400

Pascal is a special pony that was born here at Shiloh Acres, to a mother that was rescued off a slaughter lot. He was born on Easter morning of 2014, which is why we have always joked that his one partial blue eye is his "Easter egg eye".

Pascal has enjoyed some fame from being featured in a segment of the Dr Jeff: Rocky Mountian Vet show on Animal Planet in November of 2016, but it hasn't gone to his head as he is still a super sweet, kind and very personable young pony. He is ready to start under saddle, and will be put into training soon. He shows great potential to be a kids' pony with his calm and willing personality!

The following horses are currently available for adoption through Shiloh Acres Horse Rescue or our partner rescue, Front Range Equine Rescue.

All horses will go to their new homes current on vaccinations and dewormings, as well as up-to-date on farrier and dental care.

To set up an appointment to meet horses, please contact us!

Kindle is a stunningly beautiful, refined mare that was rescued off a slaughter feedlot thanks to Front Range Equine Rescue.  She was not halter trained upon arrival, and was very fearful of humans. With time, patience, and training, she has turned into a lovely girl who is going very well under saddle. Kindle is currently walk/trot/canter, and is being introduced to riding outside of the arena on trails.

Kindle requires a quiet intermediate rider at this time, and would be a wonderful partner for a smaller rider looking to do trails or pleasure riding.

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Approx. 15.1 hand buckskin Appendix gelding

Est. year of birth: 2006

Adoption Fee: $750

Riding Horses

Katrina  *ADOPTED*

Approx. 15.3 hand TB-cross mare

Year of birth: 2011

Adoption Fee: $975

​​Lulu (JC name Secret Saint) is an elegant, smaller TB that was rescued in November 2015 at a private facility in West Virginia when she was no longer wanted and was going to be picked up and taken for slaughter. According to JC records, she was never raced. Lulu was thin upon arrival and was successfully rehabilitated to have all health care needs made current. She has been ridden in a round pen, arena and on easy trails and pasture. Lulu likes to move out and prefers trail riding.

She requires an intermediate or better rider who has experience with higher energy horses. Lulu is not for competition riding (jumping, barrels or similar) but could do well in under saddle (English) classes. She might do well with lower level competitive trail riding as she likes having something to do. She gets on well with other horses and is a very friendly mare.

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Approx. 14.1+ hand QH/Paint cross filly

Year of birth: 2015

Adoption Fee: $650

Gretchen is a classically beautiful Arabian mare who was initially rescued from a low-end auction in Colorado.

She was initially placed in a wonderful home for several yeasr, but was returned to the rescue in 2016 when her adoptive home was unable to keep her any longer. Gretchen is a nice mare who gets along well with most other horses and has done a lot of trail riding. She has had some mild tendonitis in her right front knee, but she is sound now and has clearance from the veterinarian to do light/moderate riding out on trails or in an arena. She needs an intermediate or better rider as she has plenty of Arab personality and willingness to move energetically. Restrictions – no lunging, small circle work, tight turns or the tendon in her knee can become sore

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Approx. 15.2 hand Jockey Club Thoroughbred mare

Year of birth: 2008

Adoption Fee: $975

Hannah is a pretty and VERY friendly red roan filly with lots potential ahead of her! She was rescued from a low-end auction where she, her full sister (Josie, also available for adoption), and their sire and dam were being sold.  Her mother and father were bought by private homes, but Hannah and her sister were only attracting the bids of kill buyers so we stepped in to make sure they got a chance at the future they deserved.

Hannah has a very friendly and playful nature. She has completed basic groundwork training including trailer loading and standing for the farrier. She has worn some tack and was briefly ridden at the walk to learn a few simple turns. Her under saddle training should be continued once she is older by an experienced rider/trainer, but her easy-going nature should make her a breeze to train!

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Gretchen  *ADOPTED*

Approx. 14.1 hand Arabian mare

Est. year of birth: 2002

Adoption Fee: $775

Mick was rescued in April 2015 as a young stud colt. He had never been handled by humans, and was quite neglected and malnourished. With care and training, Mick has flourished and has turned into an incredibly kind-natured and calm young horse.

Mick now has solid ground manners and can be haltered, led, groomed, trailer loaded and stands for vet or farrier. He has been started under saddle and so far has not been phased by anything asked of him. This is a super nice little gelding for an experienced owner to put more under saddle time on him. Mick could easily make a nice trail riding partner for a small adult, or a nice family/kids' horse with more time.

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Approx. 14.0 hand QH/Paint cross filly

Year of birth: 2016

Adoption Fee: $475

Kindle  *ADOPTED*

Approx. 14.3 hand chocolate Rocky Mountain Horse

(not gaited)

Estimated Year of Birth: 2007

Adoption Fee: $950

Cisco is a gentle, very personable and VERY handsome horse that was rescued from slaughter underweight and in need of gelding. He is started under saddle and is very easy going and willing to learn.

Cisco has a mild case of COPD, so will not be able to do heavy riding or live/ride at high altitudes. He will do best as a light riding pleasure horse for puttering around a neighborhood or flatter, easy trails at lower elevations.

He requires an intermediate/experienced rider at this point just because he is still green, but he will ultimately make a very nice family horse. He does not always socialize well with other horses, and does best with other geldings who are not low on the pecking order.

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