Horses that are permanent residents here at SAHR

(and are not available for adoption).

Olive & Waffles

Paint mini mare & appy mini gelding

Olive and Waffles are our smallest little residents, with both of them having dwarfism on top of being miniatures. Though they arrived at different times and from different places (Olive from a horse trader/kill buyer, and Waffles from an auction), they have become like 2 peas in a pod. Both have some special health considerations that they need met due to their conditions, but they are a happy pair who are always enthusiastic to greet people and get treats and scratches.


Blue roan Belgian mare

Tosca was rescued off a slaughter lot (along with her half sister) in 2010. They had apparently traveled through the auction circuit and wound up slaughter-bound as they had been deemed dangerous due to a carriage wreck. Tosca was shy of people, and fairly difficult to handle at first. Within a few months of being here, we discovered that she was in foal, and she delivered a beautiful colt that June.

Since then, Tosca has come a long way in learning to trust people, and she has been trained under saddle. She holds a special place in our hearts, and will remain here for the rest of her life.


Chestnut QH mare

Rescued in 2007 off a slaughter lot, Mia was a scraggly, malnourished little weanling that had been dumped by her breeder because of her spinal deformity.  We jokingly refer to her as our 'camel horse', and she is certainly one-of-a-kind! Mia has never been in pain from her humped back, and has been an outgoing, confident girl from day 1. These days, Mia enjoys her life here at the rescue getting love and attention, and hanging out with the other members of our permanent herd.

Permanent Residents

Shiloh Acres Horse Rescue